On-site In Place Repair in South America

In-situ machining Solutions (UK) Ltd have, at the request of a major diesel engine manufacturer and South American utility company very successfully completed the repair to a damaged timing gear locating diameter and drive keyway of a large four stroke diesel engine. Such was the damage to shaft diameter and drive keyway that the timing of the engine seriously effected the performance of the diesel generator.

The solution to the problem was to machine the 340 diameter undersize by 3mm to remove fretting and wear and to machine the new drive keyway 32mm wide x 12mm deep, 180˚ diametrically opposite to the damaged keyway which had worn progressively from 32 to 44mm wide over time.

In-situ Machining Solutions (UK) Ltd are a company renowned globally for it’s expertise and precision work associated with on site repairs and in particular orbital or planetary machining of stationary, rotating machinery bearing diameters and journals in the range 50 to 1100mm.

For the milling work associated with machining the keyway and access limitations to the timing gear locating diameter (337mm), a special pneumatic mini-mill has been designed and produced in house to enable this repair to take place.

All work was carried out in accordance with OEM procedures, inspected and passed to the complete satisfaction of the utility company’s management.

The orbital or planetary machining of the 340mm timing gear locating diameter being reduced to 337mm.

The mini-mill in operation, machining the 32mm wide x 12mm deep keyway in the timing gear locating diameter.

The finally machined timing gear locating diameter and drive keyway.

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