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Cast iron only cracks when it is stressed beyond its tensile strength. This includes all heat related cracks, freeze cracks, impact and bending loads. Cast iron does not weaken over time. It does change if exposed to high temperatures over long periods of time like exhaust manifolds for example. The process is called graphitisation. The carbon is changed to graphite and any type of welding that requires melting the cast iron becomes very difficult due as the filler metal will not bond properly.

Metal stitching (also known as metalocking) is a method of repairing cracking or fractures in all forms of cast metals without the necessity to weld repair. Cast iron is the most common material that requires this service as it is one of the most difficult metals to repair by welding. In-Situ’s crack repair process “metal stitching” allows us to permanently repair a crack or replace a damage section of a casting without welding. The crack or damaged section is either removed and replaced with a new section or ‘stitched’ with specially designed stitching pins that we install. These are inserted along the split line after a series of drilled and tapped holes are inserted, drawing the sides of the crack together. This results in a continuous row of interlocking stitching pins to create a strong, pressure-tight repair. To restore the casting to its original strength, we install locks across the joint line of the pins by drilling a precision hole pattern with special drill fixtures. After the hole pattern is created, the locks are driven in, exerting a pulling force at 90 degrees to the crack to provide addition strength….
The repaired, metal-stitched area is gas and liquid tight to create a pressure tight repair. In addition to the benefit of repairing the crack or damaged section, metal stitching dampens and absorbs compression stresses. It also spreads tensile strains and distributes the load away from the original failure point, while maintaining the alignment of the original surfaces. This metal stitching method is employed mostly on cast iron components, but it is also effective on any other machinable metal, such as ductile iron, steel, aluminium and bronze castings. This method of repair is extremely cost effective when considering that the large components that In-Situ Machining Solutions are usually involved in salvaging do not have to be dismantled and removal from site for repair. Large diesel engine entablatures and bedplates often see a real benefit form our stitching and machining services. Our advanced metal repair service combined with highly skilled technicians and one of the largest stocks of portable on-site machining equipment in the world, makes In-Situ the idea support partener for any damaged casting repair however big or small.

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